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Are you thinking about buying your next laptop or looking for a better upgrade option at a pocket friendly budget, they you must consider refurbished or used laptops?  There are several myths circulated around for poor performance of used laptop after purchase but the factual scenario is different. Looking at a cost-benefit study, several customers make purchase of used laptops every day and if we have to believe the myth about functioning of used laptop, majority of population would truly come out ahead with complaints.

Yes!, it is true that if you are planning to buy a refurbished or used laptop, you should either have a better understanding for the hardware and configuration looking for, else take someone who have had a better experience in buying used laptops.

In the best interest of customers, we are listing the top 5 advantages of opting for a Refurbished or Used Laptops:

3-Simple-Ways-To-Create-More-Value-To-Make-More-Money1. Value for Money:  Value is always the first point of concern for end-user when buying a second-hand stuff. For used laptops “Price” plays a key role. However, as an end-used, one must understand that even for used laptops there are several options are available at a genuine laptop dealer shop for you. The range may vary in consumer series laptops, business series laptops, ultra-books, gaming laptops, mini laptops, and pricing of these laptops would also scale accordingly. Even though there are several options available for an end-user, however a good working laptop with basic configuration and good cosmetic condition should start from 8,500/- on wards. If you are buying used laptop from a well-known quality laptop dealer, you can surely earn value for money invested in the purchase of used laptop.


woman-looking-at-laptops-in-store2. Tried and Tested Machines : One of the best benefits of opting for a used laptops is that these machines are already in working conditions and being sold post proper quality check. Today, used laptops with a best configuration is a growing choice of following customers:


– A Collage going student would prefer to buy a used laptop for making projects, which require basic computing configuration.

– A newly opened small scale business firm would prefer to buy certified refurbished laptop for its HR, Sales, Marketing staff for their day on day office work, operational activity and inter department communication.

– A Software developer would prefer to buy a tested high-end configuration laptop for his R&D and application testing needs.

– For a school going student, parents would prefer to buy a mid-level configuration used laptop for completing digital assignment and school projects.

– In call centers, companies are gradually option for branded refurbished/ used laptops for their mid-level management team, then investing on new one.

– If you are home maker and wants to stay connected with the world via social media platform, for wants to pursue your passion, a branded refurbished laptop would be the first choice in low budget.

23. No Compatibility Problems : Many customers think that buying a used laptop would attract lot of compatibility issues for their current applications, programs and connected gadgets. This is not the case at all. Most of the software and hardware companies are well aware of the page of laptop industry and the growing need of application compatibility, hence they ensure to keep it mind while releasing any hardware/software version. The vast majority of programs and applications that will be used are completely compatible with older models.

4.  Used Doesn’t Mean Old : Most of the customer think that used laptop are those which are either dumped due to non-functionality or some other hardware/application issues. But that is not the case, because when people throw out their laptops, it is impossible to predict the exact reason, but that reason may not necessarily be because it is complete garbage. Most of the used and refurbished laptops comes from business firms or individuals and are taken post a complete evaluation of hardware functionality.

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This means these refurbished laptop computers are high performing machines that may not have any problems at all. When it comes to consumer electronics, there are a number of people that prefer to stay ahead of the curve and always have the latest laptops available. Sometimes people throw out their laptop when there is a small problem that can be easily fixed by manufacturers.

When you buy a used computer or laptop from Netcom Computers, you can be 100% assured that it has gone through a thorough inspection process to make sure they are in working order.

Our range of Refurbished Laptops are 100% QC Tested and offers you full value for money and expected mobile computing performance. We offer a range of Company Refurbished, Open-Boxed, Pre-Owned, Used laptops from a variety of manufacturers (HP, DELL, ACER, LENOVO, FUJITSU, APPLE, TOSHIBA), so there will be one to suit your needs and your budget.

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